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Cabin Saunas

Cabin Saunas

At Select Saunas, we provide a diverse collection of outdoor cabin saunas tailored to your outdoor needs. Choose from different shapes including traditional or round sauna cabins and pod saunas. Whether you’re interested in a cozy 2-person cabin sauna or require a spacious outdoor sauna for up to 7 individuals, you’ll find the best outdoor sauna cabin that will fit your preferences.

Quality Materials and Hand-Crafted Workmanship

Our outdoor sauna cabins showcase the harmonious blend of traditional charm and modern design. Each cabin sauna is crafted from high-quality wood like spruce, white and red cedar, alder, pine, and more to ensure longevity and a genuine sauna experience.

Emphasizing authentic craftsmanship, our outdoor saunas are hand-made in Europe or the US. Plenty of our saunas include modern conveniences like built-in controls for precise temperature and time, Bluetooth audio, Wi-Fi apps, and more. They’re built for perfection, ensuring durability and unparalleled comfort—we even have sauna kits with a glass door exterior made from tempered double-glazed mirror-effect glass!

Heating Preferences

Sauna enthusiasts have their heating preferences, and we acknowledge them. Many of our sauna cabins can be fitted with traditional wood-burning heaters that let you see the fire, giving you that rustic, soothing experience.

However, if modern convenience is what you seek, all our sauna cabins can be equipped with efficient electric heaters. Our wood-burning or electric heater options cater to every preference so that your sauna room is heated just the way you like it.

Top Cabin Sauna Brands to Explore

Find your dream outdoor cabin sauna from our brands! Shop the best from Almost Heaven Saunas, Auroom, Dundalk Leisurecraft, Haljas Houses, and SaunaLife sauna cabins at Select Saunas.

Each brand brings its unique touch of craftsmanship and design, ensuring quality and aesthetic appeal. Dive into our selection of sauna cabins and discover the one that resonates with your relaxation desires and health benefits.