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Hybrid Sauna Collection

Hybrid Sauna Collection

At Select Saunas, our hybrid sauna collection by Golden Designs embodies the pinnacle of wellness technology, ingeniously blending the comforting warmth of a traditional sauna with the advanced health benefits of an infrared sauna. All Golden Designs hybrid saunas are meticulously designed to cater to diverse preferences, letting you experience the ultimate sauna session.

Unmatched Versatility

A hybrid sauna offers the soothing steam sauna ambiance of electric heaters typically found in a traditional sauna alongside the deep, penetrating warmth of infrared panels. This duality ensures that whether you’re in the mood for a classic sauna experience or the targeted warmth that infrared rays provide, our hybrid saunas deliver. 

The flexibility of switching between heat sources optimizes your sauna’s environment with what you feel like doing—whether it’s relaxing, detoxifying, or simply warming up after a cold day.

Leading-Edge Wellness Technology

The infrared technology of an infrared sauna in Golden Designs’ hybrid saunas enhances your sauna experience and amplifies the health benefits. From lowering blood pressure to elevating core body temperature, the gentle yet effective heat, whether from the rocks or infrared panels, promotes better health. 

The infrared heaters emit a comfortable heat that’s easily absorbed by the skin, while the electric heater option allows for a more intense heat, ideal for those seeking a more vigorous sauna bathing experience.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with Select Saunas

With Select Saunas, embracing the wellness journey through Golden Designs’ hybrid sauna selection means enjoying the therapeutic health benefits of both traditional and infrared saunas. Golden Design’s hybrid saunas are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their home with a luxurious yet functional wellness retreat. 

Discover how a hybrid sauna can transform your health and well-being by delivering the perfect balance of intense heat and soothing warmth. Get one from us today!