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Dynamic Saunas


Do you want to live a long and healthy life? Honor your body and mind by giving yourself a healthier lifestyle. Take a break from the busy home and work life to reap the benefits of Dynamic Saunas, available in Canadian hemlock wood, with ultra low-EMF ratings.

Innovative Construction and Design

Our Dynamic Saunas are crafted from high-quality Canadian hemlock wood to ensure durability and give you that natural aesthetic appeal. The hemlock wood construction adds to the sauna's beauty and contributes to its longevity.

The privacy glass and Chromotherapy lighting further enhance the experience, creating a serene environment perfect for relaxation in a master bath, fitness room, or any other indoor location you choose.

Advanced Low-EMF Heating and Comfort Features

Dynamic Saunas feature energy-efficient infrared heating panels, including low EMF PureTech™ technology. The panels on the Dynamic infrared sauna provide a gentle yet deep and effective sauna experience, different from traditional saunas.

The floor heaters of the infrared sauna add an extra layer of comfort, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the sauna. The integration of Bluetooth capability allows for a personalized relaxation experience in your Dynamic infrared sauna.

Health Benefits and Enhanced Relaxation

Dynamic low-EMF saunas use energy-efficient FAR infrared heat to deeply penetrate the body to detoxify and relieve joint pain. The FAR infrared technology in Dynamic saunas is specifically engineered to maximize its benefits, offering a therapeutic experience that surpasses traditional saunas.

Relax in a Dynamic Sauna

Discover the unique blend of style, technology, and wellness with Dynamic Saunas. Each sauna promises a rejuvenating and healthful experience. Embrace the benefits of infrared saunas—your journey to wellness starts here.