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Harvia Sauna Heaters and Accessories

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Harvia Sauna Heaters and Accessories

Immerse yourself in the essence of relaxation with our Harvia collection, where each piece harmoniously combines tradition and modern innovation. This range is more than just saunas; it's a curated selection of the finest sauna technologies, offering unique spa solutions and ultimate personal relaxation.

Versatile and Robust Heaters

Central to our Harvia collection are both electric and wood-burning sauna heaters, each bringing its own unique flair. These Harvia heaters are characterized by their robust stainless steel construction and come in various designs, including both floor-mounted and wall-mounted options. 

With features like large stone capacities for superior heat dispersion, adjustable frame legs, and direct rock-to-heating element contact, each sauna heater ensures a deeply satisfying healing heat experience. Plus, the convenience of built-in time and temperature controls adds to the ease of achieving your perfect sauna ambiance.

Eco-Conscious and High-Power Options

Our collection includes a Harvia sauna heater that boasts lower emission levels — think 20% lower particulate emissions and 70% lower carbon monoxide emissions. For those seeking more intense heat, our collection also extends to industrial-grade Harvia sauna heaters that are not only ideal for personal use but are also a top choice in the spa market. These powerhouses are ideal for larger spaces like sauna and spa facilities, offering heavy-duty performance with easy maintenance.

Comprehensive Sauna Experience

Our Harvia collection doesn't stop at heaters. It encompasses an array of accessories like wood paraffin oil, sauna stones, chimney extensions, and sauna scents in pine, enhancing your sauna and spa experiences. Additional features like WiFi remote control, digital controls, protective bedding, essential oils, safety rails, and more add layers of convenience and luxury to your sauna and spa sessions.

Explore Our Diverse Range at Select Saunas

Every sauna and Harvia sauna heater in our collection is backed by the original manufacturer's warranty, ensuring quality and performance. To complete your seamless shopping experience, we offer excellent customer service, hassle-free returns, a satisfaction guarantee, and free gifts with your order. Whether you're crafting a personal oasis or upgrading a commercial spa company, our Harvia collection is your gateway to unparalleled relaxation and health benefits.