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Sauna Accessories

Sauna Accessories

At Select Saunas, we offer sauna accessories designed to enhance every aspect of your sauna experience. We offer a variety of accessories that are essential for creating the perfect sauna environment, ensuring your comfort and the updated functionality of your sauna.

Essential Accessories for Comfort and Convenience

We offer ergonomic backrests, seat cushions, and headrests to make your time in the sauna more relaxing. We also have sauna buckets and ladles and thermo-hygrometers, all indispensable for controlling the heat and steam levels, allowing you to create an environment that suits your personal preference. 

We also have digital temperature control units, chimney kits and extensions, floor kits, glass and wood doors, and more. These not only enhance the functionality of your sauna but also add a touch of traditional or modern elegance.

Enhancing the Sauna Atmosphere

Chromotherapy lights, a popular choice among sauna enthusiasts, can be adjusted to set the mood, enhancing the therapeutic effects of your sauna session. We also have LED lights for your sauna room and your sauna heater. 

Additionally, our selection of essential oils, when used with sauna stones, infuses the sauna environment with soothing scents, elevating the sensory experience. We offer these oils in citrus, peppermint, eucalyptus, birch, apple, and pine scents.

Safety and Maintenance

We consider the safety of our customers and the maintenance of the sauna. We provide temp and steam equalizers, weatherproof electrical enclosures, heater fences or guards, paraffin oil, and protective sheaths for sauna heaters to enhance safety. We carry rain jackets for our barrel saunas as well.

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Explore our comprehensive range of sauna accessories at Select Saunas and find everything you need to perfect your rejuvenating retreat. Every product on our site comes with a full original warranty, so shop with confidence. Your ultimate sauna awaits!