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HUUM Sauna Heater Collection


HUUM Sauna Heater Collection

At Select Saunas, we take pride in offering an exquisite collection of HUUM sauna heaters, renowned for their exceptional design and performance. We offer both HUUM wood-burning and electric sauna heater options, all meticulously crafted to give you the ultimate sauna session.

Award-Winning Sauna Heater Design

The HUUM sauna heaters, including the popular Hive electric sauna heater and Drop electric sauna heater, are at the forefront of design and functionality. All HUUM electric sauna heater options create the perfect sauna environment—aesthetically appealing while generating long-lasting steam.

Recognized with the Red Dot Design Award, HUUM’s sauna heater products showcase the natural beauty of sauna stones, elevating your visual and sensory sauna experience.

Optimal Heat and Steam

Each HUUM wood-burning or electric sauna heater ensures gentle and mild steam, thanks to the substantial capacity of sauna stones they carry. Whether you choose an electric sauna heater or prefer the tradition of wood-burning sauna stoves, the quality of steam and heat distribution is unparalleled. 

The HUUM mobile app further enhances this experience. Get precise control over your sauna's climate for a perfectly tailored session every time.

Versatile Range for All Sauna Rooms

With a variety of sauna heaters and sauna stoves, our lineup caters to sauna rooms of any size. From the compact Hive electric sauna heater designed for smaller spaces to larger models suited for expansive sauna rooms, Select Saunas ensures your space is equipped with the best in modern sauna technology.

Embrace a superior sauna session with Select Saunas, where tradition meets innovation. Find the perfect wood-burning or electric sauna heater to transform your sauna into your sanctuary of relaxation and wellness.