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Maxxus Saunas

Maxxus Saunas

Select Saunas carry Maxxus Sauna models, which stand out as a pinnacle of quality and innovation in the world of infrared saunas. Each Maxxus sauna, crafted from reforested Canadian Hemlock wood, combines environmental responsibility with exceptional craftsmanship.

Sustainable and High-Quality Materials

Maxxus Canadian Hemlock saunas are built with a focus on sustainability and quality. The use of environmentally friendly reforested wood and energy-efficient carbon heating panels contributes to environmental conservation and ensures each sauna's durability and insulation efficiency. This commitment to quality makes every Maxxus sauna a lasting investment in your wellness.

Advanced Low EMF FAR Infrared Technology

Maxxus infrared saunas are equipped with low EMF heating panels, including near-zero EMF and low EMF FAR infrared options. These panels provide a safe, even heat distribution, ensuring a comfortable and health-conscious infrared sauna experience. The Maxxus EMF far infrared sauna models are designed to deliver therapeutic warmth while minimizing EMF exposure.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Experience-

Maxxus FAR infrared sauna models are not just about warmth; they are about enhancing your overall sauna experience. Features like Bluetooth-enabled radios, privacy glass, and chromotherapy lighting in our Maxxus saunas add modern touches to your relaxation time. The carbon energy-efficient panels used in our saunas ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of a far infrared sauna while being energy efficient.

Shop Everything Sauna at Select Saunas

Along with Maxxus low- to near-zero EMF saunas, we also have more traditional options like water steam saunas from various brands. No matter the sauna kit you choose, you’ll get a quality sauna experience in the comfort of your home.