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2-Person Barrel Saunas

2-Person Barrel Saunas

At Select Saunas, we offer a curated collection of 2-person barrel saunas, perfectly sized for couples or individual relaxation. These compact saunas maximize space while offering an intimate sauna experience, making them a perfect choice for those with limited outdoor areas, or those not planning to have many bathers in the sauna at once. Ideal for both backyard or home gym settings, these outdoor saunas bring the warmth and charm of a traditional sauna into your modern lifestyle.

Experience Top Quality and Craftsmanship

Each 2-person barrel sauna in our range blends the timeless appeal of traditional saunas with modern craftsmanship. Constructed from top-grade lumber, they promise a durable and authentic sauna experience. Made with care in the US, Canada and Europe, our barrel saunas stand out for their exquisite workmanship, using only the finest woods sourced from these locations. They're not just functional units; they're pieces of art, built to last and to offer the utmost comfort for your sauna sessions.

Select Your Heating Preferences

Understanding the distinct preferences of sauna lovers, our 2-person barrel saunas come with options for heating. While many prefer the classic feel of a wood-burning stove, for those leaning towards modern efficiency, all our barrel saunas can also be equipped with a state-of-the-art electric heater from our collection.

Dive Into the Top Sauna Brands at Select Saunas

Elevate your outdoor relaxation experience with our top brands, featuring brands that are synonymous with quality, such as Almost Heaven Saunas, Dundalk Leisurecraft, and Golden Designs. If you're drawn to a classic barrel sauna like the Salem Sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas, or prefer the sustainably sourced Canadian Timber sauna from Dundalk Leisurecraft, there’s something to match every preference.

Find the perfect sauna kit for your needs, whether it’s an outdoor sauna or an indoor sauna. Browse our extensive collection of saunas, heaters, sauna stones, and sauna accessories to help you build the signature barrel sauna that aligns with your vision of outdoor serenity.

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